Vision, Values & Ethos


Our Vision and Values communicate our high expectations to all stakeholders. We all work together to ensure our vision and values are at the heart of everything we do. Our nurturing and supportive approach ensures that children leave us as confident and respectful citizens, ready with the skills, knowledge and resilience for the next stage of their education.









Vision Statement:

Our school is a happy, safe and inclusive place of learning where all children thrive. Through our school community learning together and working together, everyone is proud to show integrity and develop tenacity. We all aspire to be the best we can be to achieve our full potential.

Mission Statement:

Working together to ensure teachers can teach so all children can learn, grow and achieve.



Governors, staff and pupils all contributed to the development of our new school motto. We all thought of the words that we wanted to be included in our motto and then we worked together to choose three powerful words that summarised our ambition and purpose:

  • Integrity (Having strong moral principles: Inclusion/Respect/Trust/Honesty/Fairness)
  • Tenacity (Hard work/determination/resilience/never giving up)
  • Pride (Aspiration/Achievement/Presentation/Success)