Abbey Hulton Primary School

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Attendance and Late/Absence Procedures

Attendance and Punctuality Policy September 2023



  • Regular and punctual attendance of pupils at school is both a legal requirement and crucial to a child’s success
  • There is a clear link between a high rate of attendance and high achievement.
  • If pupils are not in lessons they CANNOT LEARN!


Attendance during one school year   Equals days absentEqual

weeks absent

95%9 Days2 Weeks
90%19 Days4 Weeks
85%29 Days6 Weeks
80%38 Days8 Weeks
75%48 Days10 Weeks


What will happen if my child is referred to the Education Welfare Officer?

  • The EWO will also monitor your child’s attendance
  • If your child’s attendance does not improve, a £60 fine will be issued. (If the fine is not paid within 28 days, the fine becomes £120)
  • If there is no improvement in attendance, you can be prosecuted under Section 444 of the Education Act
  • This could result in a possible fine of up to £1000.00
  • If no improvement, it is a Level 4 prosecution which could mean £2,500 fine or 3 months in prison
  • Prior to the £60 fine there will be a penalty warning notice letter issued to parents informing them of a 20-day monitoring period, 100% attendance is required within this time frame.