Abbey Hulton Primary School

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Subject Lead: Mr Perkin

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”
-Edmund Burke




Our History curriculum is intended to create Historians: children who are eager to learn about the past and question everything. We provide opportunities for children to learn independently, gain new knowledge of the past and develop skills that will support them throughout their lives.  From EYFS to Year 6, children are given the opportunities to explore and investigate a variety of products and phenomena.


At Abbey Hulton Primary School we believe that good History teaching and learning happens when:

  • Children are engaged, excited and involved.
  • Children have a thorough understanding of the topics taught.
  • Children use skills to determine fact and fiction, truth and lies
  • Children feel inspired to find out more
  • Children confidently use historic vocabulary.
  • Teachers are confident about what they are teaching and have high expectations of all children
  • Children talk, ask questions, share ideas, explain.



At Abbey Hulton Primary School our intent is to create the next generation of Historians. Children who question everything they come across, to judge how rights and wrongs, to compare and contrast, to explain similarities and differences and to have a holistic understanding of History.


We implement this by ensuring each child has full accessibility to the History Curriculum to all abilities. Children use Knowledge Organisers to support them in during their lessons as well as other resources to aid them. In every classroom there is a History Timeline to help children understand the chronology of the history. At Abbey Hulton we teach children about both the Knowledge and Skills that are needed to full understand History. Every lesson, teachers use a starter and recap to ensure the class retain their knowledge and skills previously taught.

The impact that this has is that each child will leave Abbey Hulton Primary School with the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them not just for High School but for the rest of their lives. In a world where the truth is not always evident the History skills that the children learn will be invaluable.


History at Abbey Hulton


Quality of History curriculum: Context of the History lesson:

  • History is both knowledge and skill based and taught accordingly using Cornerstones, it is taught so as to not only make sense of the present but give a thorough understanding of the past.
  • Lessons are stepping stone/building blocks to support pupils learning and development,
  • Year 6 leave with a love of History, knowledgeable about the past and questioning mind
  • Vocabulary help to support and strengthen Historical learning.


Where does that lesson fit in within the grand scheme?

  • Each History lesson starts with a prior learning task where children are asked about what they learned about last lesson, last week and in previous years.
  • To support teachers I’ve made a PPT that they can use to guide them a support with progression across the school.
  • At the start of each lesson, children look at the vocabularly they will be using in the lesson.
  • Pupils taught that History is not a long line of different events but there are crossovers.
  • Using the same History Time Line across the school gives the pupils access to chronological knowledge.
  • At the end of lessons, if children have finished their work then they move onto our Digger Deeper questions.


Challenge SEND

  • Children supported through differentiated activities, questioning, and resources except Y6 who have a Mastery approach.
  • We have an array of different resources and artefacts that are used to support our SEN children. This ranges from CDs to books to figures of historical people such as Henry VIII.
  • Children are given a Knowledge Organiser at the beginning of the unit which includes a timeline, key vocabularly, images and a well of information to support them.
  • I want to balance the ambition for all pupils to access the full history curriculum with a clear understanding of the needs of their pupils.
  • Pupils are given careful individual and/or group support to secure the knowledge they needed to continue to access content in History.