Abbey Hulton Primary School

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School Council

Abbey Hulton prides itself on ensuring our children’s voices are heard. One way in which we do this is through our School Council. At the beginning of every year, we hold a vote to decide which children will be part of the School Council for this year. This is after nominees put forward manifestos and speeches for others to vote for them. Election day comes and all children from Year 2 to Year 6 pick up a Ballot Paper with their class’s nominees on to put a cross next to their choices name. The votes are then counted and the new School Council begins.


They are:


Year 2
Lucas & Harmony


Year 3
Jaymie & Bobby


Year 4
Gabby & Reba


Year 5
Lyssa & Sadie


Year 6 
Maddie & Suluweti





Take a look at everything we have been up to!

Harvest Collection


During Autumn 1 we made posters and spread the word that we were collecting donations for a Harvest Food Donation to go to St John's. We worked hard to encourage children and their parents to donate what they could, and we raised an astonishing amount of food and other needed items to be distributed into the community! 

Child Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy


As part of our commitment to ensuring that Abbey Hulton Primary School is a place whereby all children feel safe, heard and cared for, we went about creating a Child Friendly Anti-Bullying Policy. See below to check it out! 

Children In Need 2023!


This year, one of our School Council priorities is to raise money for national charities. We decided to do this by hosting a fundraising morning for Children In Need. We asked all children (and staff) to come to school in either their Pyjamas or something yellow and bring in £1 to do so. In addition, we worked hard all morning hosting fun, exciting games. Children and staff paid 50p per game that they took part in and the whole morning went amazing! 


We raised an AMAZING £467.30 and were blown away by the support from our friends!



Y2 – Theo
Y2 – Matilda
Y3 – Marnie
Y3 – Lilly
Y4 – Caleb
Y4 – Minnie
Y5 – Lilly
Y5 – Oliver
Y6 – Willow
Y6 – Riley

Christmas Spirit! 


School Council got all of the children at Abbey Hulton into the Christmas spirit with a surprise at dinner time. They came up with the idea to hide six pictures of Santa under dinner plates. Once they had eaten all their dinner, they could check to see if they found Santa the lucky ones were given their own 'Santa' by School Council.

The Winners

Disco Time!


For our valentines school disco, the school council came up with the idea of setting up a photobooth to help raise money for the school! This went down a treat with all of the children who came along to have their photo snapped, and some of the staff too... 

Comic Relief! 


In aid of comic relief, the school council decided to host a comedy show for all of the children across the school. Not only was it a good laugh for all, we also raised some important funds to support comic relief.

The Orchard Community Trust


Two of our school council members recently went on a trip to another school in the Orchard Community Trust. Whilst there they networked with other school councillors, shared ideas and plans and made a few new friends whilst at it! They were shining representatives of our school and hope to network again soon!  


Since our School Council began, we have ‘Planted a Tree for Jubilee’ created a Poppy memorial for Remembrance Day and started to network with other concillors within our academy trust. 


This photo is of the School Council in front of their display board showing the process in which they became a member. Every candidate had to write a manifesto of why they wanted to be a member and what they would do when they became a School Council member. The whole school then voted for who they wanted by putting a tick on their ballot paper. Ballots were managed by our senior leaders and Mrs Brookes and Mrs Pearse did a wonderful job of signing everyone in to ensure every child made it to the ballot! This was a fantastic learning experience for our children and modelled what a real life polling station would be like whilst underpinning our British Value of Democracy. 

Meet Abigail, our newest recruit to School Council! Abigail was kindly gifted to us by Sue Thomas, one of our trustees. She works with Head Boy and Head Girl and she has friends spread out across our trust! 

One of the earliest requests brought forward to the School Council was how children enjoy being at school but there were problems at play time with children being unkind to each other or not having anything exciting to do during lunch time play. The school council decided the best way to make the playground a more friendly environment was to give the children more options and equipment to play with.


As a result, the school took their request and zoned off the playground with different equipment for the children to play with.  School Councillors have fed back that the playground is a happier, exciting environment with lots of options to chose from! 

The School Council then wanted to help children on the playground who may be feeling lonely or who have no one to play with. They suggested the school have 'Buddy Stops' which children can go to from Year 1 to Year 6!  School Council also said they would make an effort to look out at these spots to ensure people do not just sit there on their own and that they will play an active role in supporting their peers if they need to access the 'Buddy Stops'. 

At the request of Miss Robinson, the Computing Co-ordinator, School Council created an Online Safety Poster to be put in every classroom.

In Summer term School Council  held an Anti - Bullying Poster Competition to the whole school. They introduced the competition in assembly where the children went home and created an Anti-Bullying Poster. They then revealed the winners in Assembly with the winner's poster being showcased in the hall and around school!