School Development Plan

Overall Effectiveness

Striving for excellence and high aspirations through developing resilience and pride in work and the environment.

Effectiveness of Leadership & Management

  1. To ensure Leadership and Management is outstanding
    1. Governance
    2. SLT
    3. Subject Leaders
    4. Finance

Personal Development & Welfare

  1. Champion healthy bodies and minds for the school community through
    1. Attendance & Punctuality
    2. Pastoral support and effective, targeted wellbeing programmes e.g. yoga/mindfulness
    3. Initiatives e.g. Healthy Schools, PE & Sports
    4. Behaviour

Pupil Outcomes

  1. Continue to close the gap by aiming for each year group to reach at least 60% combined ARE at the end of this school year. To ensure all pupils make at least expected progress, with many making accelerated progress. Continue to close any gaps for vulnerable pupils particularly the disadvantaged. 

Teaching & Learning

  1. Teaching & Learning to be outstanding
    1. Presentation, handwriting & spelling
    2. Problem solving and reasoning fluency Flexible Teaching Model
    3. Science
    4. SEND


  1. To ensure provision in EYFS is outstanding
    1. Leadership
    2. Learning environment
    3. Language and Communication
    4. Continuous Provision
    5. Welfare
    6. Teaching of early maths and early literacy including phonics