Malicious Email

20th June 2018


Dear Mums, Dads and Carers


As promised I am writing with further information regarding the incident at school yesterday.


We received a malicious email late in the afternoon. We immediately contacted the police and evacuated the building. The police were confident that there was no immediate threat and it would be safe to open the school today after undertaking our normal security and safety procedures which we completed yesterday.


This morning the police have confirmed that the email was a hoax which has been circulated to many schools across the country. No incidents have taken place but Staffordshire Police and the National Crime Agency are investigating thoroughly.


You will know that unfortunately there have been many such threats to schools across the country in recent months.


Please be assured that a thorough and systematic check of the school has been made and nothing untoward has been found.


If you are concerned that you did not receive a text message please contact the office.


We understand that parents and carers will be concerned but please rest assured that the safety of our pupils, families and staff are our highest priority.


Thank you for continued support whilst dealing with this situation.


Yours sincerely