Nurture Group

Acorn Wood

What is Nurture Group?

Acorn Wood at Abbey Hulton Primary School is a small group of approximately 6 children with identified Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs. These are children who may need more small group support in a nurturing environment. Children have the opportunity to develop relationships with staff and other children in a consistent, predictable environment, where they can build self-esteem, confidence and independence.  Nurture groups give children the opportunity to revisit early missed nurturing experiences.

How are the children taught in Acorn Wood?

Nurture staff work and plan activities in close partnership with the children’s teachers, ensuring that they are working on the same skills as their peers. There is a focus on social skills such as; manners, sharing listening, and turn taking. Each half term the children will have a theme and will work creatively within the theme. They will participate in activities such as art, craft, baking, self-esteem and friendship work. They will also cover; literacy, maths and science. Sessions are shorter but more structured than in their usual classes.


Activity Minutes
Meet and Greet & feelings discussion 15 mins
Activity 1/ Free choice activity 30 mins
Mindfulness and Transition back to class 15 mins

How are the children in Acorn Wood assessed?

Prior to entering nurture group staff complete an assessment called the Boxall profile. This is used to set targets for each child. The targets are displayed in the room and children are encouraged to self-assess against their targets at the end of every session. These targets are also shared with their class teacher. Progress will be re-assessed at the end of each term.

When will my child be in Acorn Wood?

Key Stage 1 children will attend nurture group on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons 1-2pm. Key Stage 2 children will attend on Wednesday 2-3 pm, Thursday and Friday afternoons 1-2pm. Children can access nurture group for between 3 and 4 terms, we will keep you updated on how long we think your child will benefit from Nurture group support.

If class trips or swimming fall on a day when children should be in Nurture Group they will go on the trip with their class and miss Acorn Wood on that day.

Who will be working in Acorn Wood?

Mrs Tamburello, Mrs Poole and Mrs Arrowsmith

What happens after Acorn Wood?

Once it has been agreed by nurture staff, the class teacher and parents that the child has achieved their targets then the amount of sessions they access the nurture group will be decreased. They will eventually be back in their mainstream class full time and nurture staff will keep in touch with them and support them with their transition.