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Abbey Hulton “Passport”

Things to do before you leave Abbey Hulton:

✓ Climb a tree

✓ Roll down a hill

✓ Build a den

✓ Run around in the rain

✓ Fly a kite

✓ Play conkers

✓ Make a mud pie

✓ Play in the snow

✓ Make a daisy chain

✓ Camp outside

✓ Eat fruit straight from a plant

✓ Visit a farm

✓ Go on a barefoot walk

✓ Make a grass trumpet

✓ Hold a scary beast

✓ Hunt for bugs

✓ Discover what’s in a pond

✓ Bring up a butterfly

✓ Plant it, grow it, eat it

✓ Hatch a chick

✓ Cook on a campfire

✓ At least one visit per year to somewhere you’ve never been before

✓ Skim a stone

✓ At least one public performance per year

✓ Visit the theatre

✓ Dine at a restaurant

✓ Go on a bike ride

✓ Make a trail with sticks

✓ Create some wild art

✓ Play Pooh Sticks

✓ Visit an Art Gallery

✓ Interact with pupils from the other Seven Stars Schools

✓ Travel by train or bus

✓ Gaze at the stars

✓ Climb a huge hill

✓ Find some frog spawn

✓ Catch a falling leaf

✓ Visit a museum

✓ Represent the school

✓ Go bird watching

✓ Make a home for a wild animal

✓ Go on a nature walk at night

✓ Find your way with a map and compass

✓ Try rock climbing

✓ Try a new food

✓ Make a sandcastle

✓ Listen to live music

✓ Visit a library

✓ Have the opportunity to go on a residential trip or have a sleepover

✓ Take part in sporting activities with pupils from the other Seven Stars Schools