Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Class teacher: Mrs Heming

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Arrowsmith

We also have Mrs Chambers as an LSP

Hello and welcome! In Year 1 we learn in lots of creative ways. Year 1 is a big step for your children from Reception and learning through play. We still have elements of continuous provision available to access around the classroom throughout the day which are linked to our curriculum areas. We encourage children to become resilient, enthusiastic and independent learners, who show integrity, tenacity and pride


Teaching and learning in maths follows the National Curriculum, which teaches the following main areas in Year 1 are place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, shape, measurement and fractions. Where possible, links have been made across the Maths curriculum to provide children with as many opportunities as possible to apply their knowledge and understanding.



English lessons are planned and delivered around a variety of texts. We have our writing and reading area linked to our class texts for each half term. Phonics is a huge focus in Year 1 in both reading and writing, we have 2 phonics lessons a day, in the morning we focus on reading and in the afternoon we apply our phonics to our writing. We aim to weave phonics and reading into every aspect of the curriculum in year 1 for children to deepen their knowledge, understanding and giving them the opportunity to apply their phonics in all aspects of the curriculum.

Please support your child by encouraging them to read at home every night and practice their phonics.


Texts being covered


  • Here We Are! The Queen’s Hat, No, Nancy, No!, Katie Morag Delivers the Mail, Meerkat Mail
  • Out of This World! Whatever Next!, Beegu, Man on the Moon, Meg on the Moon


  • Food, Glorious Food: A Piece of Cake, Food poetry, Supertato, Fussy Freda
  • Once Upon a Time: Jack and the Beanstalk, The Tiny Seed, Jim and the Beanstalk, Jasper’s Beanstalk, Oliver’s Vegetables


  • Hey Tiger: The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Never Tickle a Tiger, There’s a Tiger in my Garden, Tiny Fly
  • A Toy in Time: Dogger, Traction Man is Here, Old Bear, Lost in the Toy Museum, Toys in Space


We encourage children to read every day at home. We expect the children to read at least 3 times a week at home and they must bring their reading book and diary in to school every day! They receive reading miles for doing so and could win the reading miles prize at the end of the year. We complete reading lessons every day and use this time to explore the class text as well as lots of different text types. Here we develop our understanding of comprehension and language whilst fostering a love of reading.


Throughout the year we will be covering many fun and exciting topics following the new curriculum.


  • Science – Seasonal Changes- focusing on Autumn and Winter and Materials
  • History – Victorians- Queen Victoria
  • Geography– Wonderful Weather
  • RE – What does it mean to belong to a faith community? Why does Christmas matter to Christians?
  • PSHE – How do we decide to behave? What makes us special?
  • Art– Colour Chaos! Mondrain, Kandinsky, Jackson Pollock
  • Design and Technology– Moving Stories- Whatever Next making teddy go to space
  • PE– Ball Skills and Gymnastics
  • Computing– Exploring Purple Mash, Pictograms, Online Safety
  • Music– Hey You! Hip Hop and Rhythm in the Way We Walk


  • Science – Plants
  • History – The Titanic
  • Geography– The UK and Fiji
  • RE – What do Christians believe God is like? What makes some places sacred to believers?
  • PSHE – How do we keep safe?
  • Art– Nature Sculptures
  • Design and Technology– Chinese New Year cooking
  • PE– Dance and Games
  • Computing– Coding, Animated Story books, Online Safety
  • Music– In the Groove, Round and Round (blues, Latin, folk and funk music)


  • Science – Seasonal Changes- focusing on Spring and Summer, Animals
  • History – Toys Now and Then
  • Geography– Where do I live?
  • RE – Who is a Muslim and how do they live?
  • PSHE – How can we be kind to others? What can we do with money?
  • Art– Exploring different textiles
  • Design and Technology– Sewing a simple stitch- Tiger Puppets
  • PE– Athletics
  • Computing– Lego Builders, Building and Sorting, Maze Explorers, Online Safety
  • Music– Your Imagination, Reflect, rewind and replay


In Year 1 we also learn basic greetings in French, yes and no, counting 0-10, How are you and French nursery rhymes


Things to Remember

PE – Swimming will be on a Wednesday from September throughout the year. PE kits are black joggers/leggings, white polo t-shirt, school jumper and appropriate footwear.

Reading – Reading books and diaries must be in each day.

Homework– Year 1 will have a Home Activities folder sent home, this must be brought into school each day as we may have some new activities for you to try! In each folder you will have, a phonics mat, Stoke Reads 25 & 100, Phonics Crib Sheet, Weekly Update, Ten Town formation mat, name, alphabet and number tracing mat.

Useful links Number bonds to 10! Making number bonds to 5! Phonics activities to try at home! Some free phonics activities to enjoy. When things get a bit stressful it’s ok to feel overwhelmed… use Child Line’s tool box to help your brain to switch off and enter the calm zone through a range of online activities and games. Enjoy some mindful practice at home with cosmic yoga sessions