Business Interests 2017-2018

Abbey Hulton Primary School – Governing Body 2017-18 Declaration of Business and other interests

Governor Name Type of Governor Chair or Vice Chair Committee Chair Teaching & Learning Committee Resources Committee (Finance, Premises & H&S) Connections to staff
If Yes, who & how?
Date Appointed Term of Office end date Other School Governor posts held? Business Interests declared
If yes please state
Mr Michael Bogg LA Chair No No Yes No 26 Sept 2016 25 Sept 2020 n/a No
Mr Ian Gibson Co-opted Vice Chair No Yes No No 2 Mar 2012 1 Mar 2019 n/a No
Mrs Lesley Moore Co-opted No Yes No Yes No 24 Nov 2013 23 Nov 2017 Governor at Thursfield Primary Harrishead No
Mrs Linda Williams HT No No Yes Yes No 1 Nov 2009 n/a Son-employed by Bailey-Garner (Architect-schools)
Mr Nick Carter Co-opted No No tbc tbc No
Sherrine Khan Parent No No tbc tbc tbc 18 May 2016 tbc tbc tbc
Mrs Gill Turner Co-opted No No No Yes No 26 Sept 2016 25 Sept 2020 n/a No
Miss Joanna Marsh Staff No No Yes No No 9 Jun 2014 8 Jan 2018 n/a No
Mrs Andrea Trevor Associate No No No Yes No 1 June 2015 n/a No
Co-opted –Vacancy
Parent Governor–Vacancy
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